Integrated Music & P.E.
Elementary Music & P.E. Teachers!!


With some states considering the implementation of extra movement, time

 and the rigor of added part work, it became necessary for may schools to

come up with a system to maximize the available timenand engage students

in learning the moment they enter the room. 

Integrating Music and P.E. (I.M.P.) was the answer.  (And a fun on at that!) 


Though originally created  to help meet time requirements, other benefits of Integrated Music & P.E.  (IMP) became clear. 

First, students were engaged the moment they entered the classroom or gym. 

Second, classroom management improved with the IMP system in place.

Third, there added opportunities for movement and part work. 

fourth, learning goals are cross curricular.

Fifth, having the IMP system in place gives the teacher time to  evaluate students, make necessary corrections, or to have extra time to make sure all materials are available for instruction.)

And sixth, best of all,  Integrated Music P.E. is affordable.


I.M.P. bounces  P.E. in to music with Kinesthetic learning using several loco motor movements (including marching, tip-toeing, hopping, jumping, galloping and two favorites of the kids: Monster Feet and Hip Hop Feet.)  Students follow maze-like pathways to different drumming patterns.


ADD THE NEW supplement, Integrated Music & P.E., "PART SINGING" to challenge your students and develop critical thinking skills, providing opportunities for students to sing independently within a two, three, four, or five part song using melodies, echo parts, a descant, marching and spelling ostinatos.


I.M.P. marches music into the gym.  Students use aural skills to go through different sets of exercises with added rhythmic claps and stomps as well as melodic chants.  (Allowing students to work the I.M.P. system makes for a great classroom management tool as well.)


Workshops are available for Music and P.E. Educators.  Email for more information about the I.M.P. system pricing and discounts.


(IMP staff development presented at:

Wylie I.S.D.                                        Irving I.S.D.                                        White Settlement I.S.D 

Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D.      Caddo Parish, Shreveport, LA         Eagle Mountain-Saginaw I.S.D.

Mansfield I.S.D.                               LaPorte I.S.D.                                                     Birdville I.S.D..